19. What are the specific terms of the warranty

1Any customer who purchases a product directly or indirectly through the company, the machine user enjoys a lifetime maintenance service from the company.

2, as the machine must be used in the application of special ink, for the nozzle only to ensure that the purchase intact. After the use of ink on the nozzle blockage, the pump and its accessories corrosion, or improper self-cleaning nozzle, resulting in the main

Board burn, are not in the scope of the free warranty.

3Warranty scope: In addition to the printhead, ink pump (cleaning unit), even for the rest of the components, free warranty 1 .5 years (except for human factors), send and return shipping costs to the customer to pay.

4After you receive the goods, please read the manual carefully first (familiar with the product parts name), so as not to encounter problems and facilitate communication if there is no understanding, please contact us first for guidance, if due to

If the buyer does not understand, does not contact the seller first and operates the machine indiscriminately, or disassembles the machine without permission, all consequences will be borne by the buyer.

5. Such as in the process of sending back to our company caused by the nozzle blockage and other accessories damage to our company does not assume any responsibility.