Will you catch this Christmas opportunity for your flatbed printer business item?

2018 Christmas coupon and Gift details

“ It is a good business item, but i have no enough cost…

This printer performance is perfect, but the price is little expensive…”

You have a good business plan, but always stopped here by the price …

Now, the great opportunity is upcoming!!!

Every AntPrint customers will get their coupons and ink gift after they did the advanced payment via our Paypal.

Now, you can start from here for your new year business item…

If you need to buy, please recognize our only Paypal account: Financial@ant-print.com

Any others Paypal advanced payment will not been available.

Advanced Paypal Payment, Get Your Coupon & Gift
2018 Christmas Gift

Advanced $200 Paypal Payment

  • Value Over $3500

XP600 Printer with New Board

AP-A3UVX Single Head UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $3560/set

AP-A3UVDX Double Heads UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $4300/set

AP-6060UVR UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $6380/set

AP-6060UVG UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $6550/set

AP-6090UVR UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $6980/set

Advanced $100 Paypal Payment

  • Value Over $2500

Epson1390 /R1900 with Epson Board

AP-A3UV-6C UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $2960/set

AP-A3-6C T-shirt / Food Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $2800/set

AP-A3-8C T-shirt / Food Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $4020/set

AP-A3UV-8C UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $4320/set

AP-A3-8D T-shirt Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $4180/set

Advanced $50 Paypal Payment

  • Value Over $550

L800 A4 Printer

Coffee Printer

AP-A4UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $2160/set

AP-A4H Food Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $1860/set

AP-COF  Coffee Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $840/set

UV Ink Gift

250 ml per 5 color (CMYKW)

Textile Ink Gift

100 ml per 5 color (CMYKW)

Edible Ink Gift

100 ml per 4 color (CMYK)

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